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I think that the lanyards make the most sense on a drift boat where you have most of your stuff in a bag. I think that the hold every thing lanyards where developed by giudes who are not fishing, and don't need a vest (too hot?). I can put all that stuff on my vest or Wood River bag.
When I am fishing salt, don't use that much stuff often enough to justify having it around my neck all day (the boga grip would be a little uncomfortable).
I have a nipper on a piece of fly line around my neck and some pliers in my pocket. If they are good pliers, I attatch a coil lanyard to a belt loop. A zinger makes more sense for the nipper, but it is a pain to go from shirt to shirt. Maybe one of those Orvis ones with the aligator clips. How do they hold up in salt?
A million ways to do this but none are perfect.
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