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LOL Sinktip

Guess you just need to tie up that "magic fly" that catches them all. I've stayed away from that guy as much as I possibly can. But good for a laugh.

Well, I have a different story on spring. Went out fishing with a friend. Wanted to check out my shoulder (which did better, so hoping that progress is being made). But guess what???? Made it to the Nooch in the AM, and had SNOWED!!!! Still fresh snow around. Then, had sleet and hail off and on the rest of the day. Would heat up occasionally, then drop down and start raining/sleeting again. No win. Had one on and lost it. Not many boats (we were fishing the upper drift at 7400). Topped the morning out by standing up while we were swapping gear and guy on sticks decided to turn the boat on me (he wasn't looking to see if everyone was sitting down). Went into the drink. LOL. Found out that you WILL float in breathables. Came right back to surface. Was funny actually. Friend apologized, but was funny. Thank god for driftboat heaters. :hehe:
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