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Old 05-22-2001, 08:10 AM
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striblue (05-21-2001 06:52 p.m.):
Thanks Adrian.. yes they are a groove... reminds me of 1968. I am thinking of a headband... made of tie die.... with flies attached to it, of course.
...Then you'll start a damn headband collection 8) and another whole world of fishing related haberdashery that we'll all need to indulge ourselves with (though I'm gonna go with beads, too :-D ) - I decided after looking at that set-up that it's a really cool way to stiffen the lanyard and keep items separated - I really liked it. AND, because I'm just funky enuff to want to...soften the edge, so to speak (You and Sparky will get it right away ;-) )

Sparky, wan' me make ya one??? I got some neat 1/8" braided cord that'd really do the trick with those beads! ;D
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