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Better than the Bahamas??

Well at least yesterday was.

Anybody get out and fish up north yesterday or saturday? What a beautiful weekend.

Nothing like spring steelheading on the skagit/sauk.

This list goes on and on:

-The part timers have left to chase trout
-Swinging flies in short sleaves
-64 degrees!
-Not seeing a soul in your favorite run at first light
-Avo #2
-Makers Mark
-Anchor Steam
-praying for steel at the chapel
-Seeing the flood did leave a few runs fishing well
-Breaking in the new (well to me at least) FJ60 on some backroads.
-The sound of a clean snake roll in the morning
-SA short head spey
-CND Skagit
-CND Salar
-Screaming Bougle
-Losing a fish

and last but not least....

Not getting low holed

Spring is here

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