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Dear HNL,

I am very sorry to hear that you were/are disappointed about the OF product lineup, and I was extremely concerned when you mentioned your local dealer had expressed displeasure in our product (materials and workmanship). I can honestly say that I have never heard such statement before.

I called your local dealer (one you identified in one of your earlier posts) and spoke with Darren at Ole Florida who said that he was disappointed to hear such a thing and that he hough very highly of the Nautilus and the OF line of reels. His words were:"if I did not like the product I would not have it in my shop."

Ole Florida Fly shop (561) 995 1929 is a relatively new dealer for us and they are doing extremely well.

HNL, I would appreciate if you could call me at your convenience since I am intrigued to know what exactly it is you dislike about our product. I asked Darren to relay my phone numbers to you as well in case you do not get this post.

Since you are an area local, feel free to stop by the factory any day of the week. We will walk you through all of our manufacturing processes, as we are always seeking customer approval and input.

For anyone else out there, that includes gaffurp4752, feel free to call us, our shops or our guides to receive feedback on anything and everything about our reels.

Best Regards,
Kristen Mustad
Old Florida Fly Reels
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