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I guess that I think a little differently here as far as what I pack the stuff in. For freshwater I use a fanny pack most of the time. Contents are, fly boxes, a couple of extra leaders, 3-6X tippet spools, section of LC13 line, sinkers, mold on strike indicator, fly floatant. Tp in a ziplock bag, water proof matches, nail clippers, hemostats and bug repellant or sunscreen normally are in there as well. Sometimes a spare spool or other items are added

For the salt water I use a nylon purse made by Eastsport (~ $7-8 at sprawlmart). It has pretty much the same items as for freshwater, with the addition of tippets with pretied bimini loops, and a hook sharpener.

When more items are required, water, food, clothes, etc they end up in a back pack.
John Desjardins
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