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John, I have looked at the lanyards sold for fishing and thought about using them. However, what always comes to mind are two questions. First safety, I am primarily a freshwater fisherman who often ends up bushwahcking to get to where I want to fish. and I've learned the hard way (net on a zinger to the back of the head amongst other lessons) to minimize the number of items that get caught in the brush. With something hung around my neck I would worry about strangulation unless the lanyard has a release built in to prevent that problem

The second question is; why hang something around my neck while fishing if I despise hanging a tie around it?

I can get answer my first question but I haven't figured out the second. For the record I tie my tools to the pack I am using with a length of cord and then put them in a pocket of the pack.
John Desjardins
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