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Link ok, server down

Hi Willie,

Thanks for reporting the link error. I'm quite sure the link is good and the server is temporarily unavailable.



Help Restore Atlantic Salmon in Massachusetts!

MassWildlife 2004 Fry Stocking Schedule
Here's an opportunity to assist in an important restoration program in the Connecticut River Valley.
Due to staff shortages, we need all the help we can get to put the fish in the water!

Click here to find out more about Atlantic Salmon and other anadromous fish.

What You Need to Do, Bring, Etc.

Bring boots/waders & a lunch. You will get wet!!! A change of clothes is a good idea. You will be walking on slippery stream and river beds, up and down steep banks so you should be in good physical condition.

We meet at 8:00AM and roll at 8:30 AM.
For more info contact: Caleb Slater, MassWildlife at:

Call Caleb's voicemail the day/evening before to confirm the schedule!! - (508) 792-7270 x133

Directions to Meeting Points:

* Norwottuck Rail Trail: I-91, exit 19, Northampton
* Tekoa Country Club: Rte 20, Westfield
* Home Depot/Bickfords: Parking lot, Rt 2W , Greenfield
* Hampton Ponds: I-90, exit 3, Rte 202 to Westfield town line. Office is the brick building at the light.
* Gateway High School: Littleville Rd, Huntington - Located off Rt 112 - follow signs to Dayville or Littleville Dam.
* Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls: Located in downtown Shelburne Falls off of Rt 2.
* Hampshire Regional High School: Easthampton

2004 Schedule--

[Stocking Volunteer] 12 April, Monday
Swift River, N. Branch Swift River, Mill Brook, Stones Brook
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

13 April, Tuesday
Westfield, E. Branch, Westfield Brook
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

14 April, Wednesday
Pond Brook, Potash Brook, Stage Brook,
Roaring Brook East and West Branch, Little River
Meet at: Tekoa Country Club, Westfield

15 April, Thursday
Walker Brook, Yokum Brook, Depot Brook,
Shaker Mill Brook, Factory Brook
Meet at: Tekoa Country Club, Westfield

16 April, Friday
Chickley River, Mill Brook
[Salmon Eggs] Meet at: Home Depot/Bickfords, Greenfield

17 April, Saturday
Munn Brook, Dickenson Brook
Meet at: Westfield State College, Westfield

19 April, Monday
Fall River, Shattuck Brook
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

20 April, Tuesday
Mill Brook, Maxwell Brook, Cold River, Pelham Brook
Meet at: Home Depot/Bickfords, Greenfield

21 April , Wednesday
Dead Branch, Westfield, Kinne Brook

Bronson Brook , Kearney Brook, Tower Brook
Meet at: Tekoa Country Club, Westfield

22 April , Thursday
Four Mile Brook, Mill Brook, Northfield Mill River, Northampton

West Branch and Mill River, Rogers Brook, Joe Wright Brook
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

23 April, Friday
[alevins] Green River, Hinsdale Brook
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

24 April, Saturday
North Branch Manhan, Sodom Brook
Meet at: Hampshire Regional High School

26 April , Monday
Branch Book, North River VT

North River, East Branch VT
Meet at: Home Depot/Bickfords

27 April, Tuesday
North River, (East Branch)MA
[Fry Stocking Crew2] North River, Mainstem
Meet at: Home Depot/Bickfords

28 April, Wednesday
West Branch North River, W. Branch Brook, Sanders Brook
Meet at: Home Depot/Bickfords

29 April, Thursday
South River, Bear River, Poland Brook
Meet at: Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls

30 April, Friday
Millers River
Meet at:

1 May, Saturday
Westfield E. Branch
Meet at: GRHS, Huntington

3 May, Monday
Westfield River, East Branch, Westfield
Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

4 May, Tuesday

Westfield, East Branch

Meet at: Rail Trail, Northampton

5 May, Wednesday

Westfield, West branch

Meet at: Tekoa Club, Westfield

Questions? Comments? Contact: MassWildlife at

Date Last Updated: March 16, 2004

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Mass. Department of Fisheries, Wildlife & Environmental Law Enforcement

Mass. Executive Office of Environmental Affairs

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