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admin (05-15-2001 05:07 p.m.):

do you have a website or more information?

I know a person who has two friends using the Scierra XDA flyline. They're both quite satisfied with the casting performance of the flyline. I haven't been able to find any objective test of the flyline anywhere on the net, though.

Scierra Outdoor Company describes the XDA like this: "A genius flyline designed for casting farther than any other standard flyline on the market. The Scierra XDA line is built on a braided core with a coating especially formulated for the task. Basically the XDA is a perfectly balanced shooting head with a 9,5 meter belly connected to a long, thin, hard and slick running line giving excellent casting and shooting properties. The XDA is designed for long distance casting - therefore it holds a total length of 35 meter. The shooting head taper is developed for fast loading of the rod without a lot of line aerialised. The XDA is designed for distance casting on large rivers, stillwaters and for saltwater fishing - no matter you use a single or double handed rod."

I just ordered the XDA today, and hopefully I'll have it by the end of the week.

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