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go it alone bones in Yucatan


New here. Followed a link to try to find reviews on a rod, liked what I saw and stayed.

Anyway, I suppose this subject may have been covered before but since I just discovered this site and registered, I'll kindly ask. Read one thread regarding this question but need more advice from those in the know.

My wife and I are headed for southern Yucatan coast mid April. This is a R&R thing for my wife, who desperately deserves it and needs it, so, my shots at fly fishing may be few but I can't very well go to such a spot and not take a fly rod....can I?

So, here it is; I'm a modest man. I'm not, unfortunately, in the bracket for a $350 a day skiff with guide and besides, I've been fly fishing on my own for almost forty years and could be considered a curmudgeon in this regard.

I'm wondering about some particulars regarding fly fishing on one's own in the region just south of Sian Kann Preserve. We found a modest little place to stay, looks simple and clean. Not a fishing lodge.

I'm fairly well versed on all the particulars about what to bring, how to, etc., but, never having been there before I am wondering this;

Does anyone know for sure whether or not a license is required in Mexico?

Is it legal to fish as a lone gringo without a guide?

Is it legal to fish within the boundries of the Sian Kann?

Can one get around in Sian Kann with a "regular" car?

Can one just tool around in or near Espiritu Santo Bay and find flats and such?

Does anyone know about the area on the coast just south of Espiritu Santo, near Tampalan and El Uvero and vicinity? Any flats? Fish species one might encounter in mid April? I guess I'm looking for my first bonefish but more...just an opportunity to get out there in a pretty place and throw a line here and there.

Thanks one and all in advance for any assistance. I appreciate it.

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