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Using a sea kayak definitely opens up a lot of possibilities for you over wading.

The island is divided by Hawksbill Creek which is directly north of Freeport harbor. The island goes east from there for about 30 miles and west from there about 60 miles.

The road going west goes thru a couple of local settlements and is relatively close to the bank and I presume that there are launching areas. There are definitely inlets on the south side that you coudl launch off of and fish some of the beaches especially around deadman's reef. They would be no fun if it is surgy, however.

North and slightly east of Hawksbill is an area called Queens Cove. It is a series of canals. I would love to try fishing down the middle of one on a rising tide and you might be able to do it with a kayak. You can get to it by going west on the road to the airport. You also could launch in the 'ole fishing hole' which is the south end of Hawksbill Creek. There definitley bones in there. It is along the major east west highway. On the south side, there is a large closed body of water between it the road and Freeport harbour. I have fished it once. It has a lot of bones but the bottom is dark green and they are very difficult to see. This area also has several blue holes, and Sam Taylor tells me he has seen snook. I fished the area twice and didn't see any snook. IT is interesting because if not for the blue holes, the area would be completely land locked.

Going east, the road mostly hugs the south shore especially west of the Grand Lucayan waterway. There are several beaches and lots of places to launch. The bank on the north side of the island is approachcable by a road to Dover sound, but the rest of the roads are not paved and not mapped. They are mostly old logging roads. One leads to the access to Water Cay. The others are just out there and I don't think I woudl try them on a scooter or without a GPS. At the far east end, ther are several places you could launch and fish.

I also will be there at the end of May, but I'm not sure of my exact schedule yet.
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