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Jimmy, I thoroughly researched this same subject last year. spend acouple months checking online, then tried about a dozen in the water. my advice... PUNGO!!! bulletproof plastic, tracks as if it has a keel, is fast, and when you drag it onto the rocks to land it won't bring tears to your eyes. one of the guys around here had on on his car(wasn't tied down) that fell off at 35mph... no damage... if it was fiberglass, trashed. I myself screwed up last year and tied mine on my rack, but before I tied the front rope moved my explorer to make way for a boat to launch. the rope got caught in the front tire tread and literally folded the pungo in half!!! man, I freaked out) there I am with my new yak on the roof rack and folded so it went over the drivers side window. I jumped out, cut the rope and threw the pungo on the ground(still freaking out). everyone at the ramp is looking at me sadly. I jump up and into the cockpit and pop!!! back in shape, A OK!!! whew! so if you're a space cadet like me or just want a great,fast,good tracking,fun,stable,durable, kayak to fish from ... Pungo!
but try a few out though, personal taste in yaks is like personal taste in women, some like lean and mean, some like big and comfy.
Tom D
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