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Jimmie...I've got a Pungo...big enough cockpit to ease entry/exit, room for gear, tupperware material that's durable, not big buck$, and I could go on...Where abouts do you live? The North Cove Outfitters have a great selection and it sounds as if you need to do some tire-kicking. I use the kayak to get me to where I can get out to wade the flats/shallows...last year I got an early keeper from under the bridge below the Holyoke dam on the Connecticut River...she dragged me around for 10 minutes while WE decided how best to catch 'n release...It gets me away from the clowds and into some interesting spots...You are alot closer to the fish and better tuned in to what's going on...It's a nice tactic but treat it with respect!
Safe paddling!
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