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Jimmy, This is something else to think about. I am not knocking a kayak, but, I bought one 3 years ago, aftre looking at many. I bought a Necky Ganett. It was OK in the salt ponds like Quonny, and Charlestown, also running in and out of the breachways, but landing in the surf I rolled it over everytime as being old I couldn't get out of a tight cockpit without rolling. I think kayaks are very tightand after a couple of hours is uncomfortable. Here is my alternate. Get a small inflatable, carries 650lbs, 3 persons, weighs 25 lbs, and with a wooden floor you can stand to cast. Mine is brand new, which I bought after watching 2 guys several times fish outside the surf line at Quonochotaug, and kill the False Albacore. Just had to throw in another alternative. The only thing I am wondering about is how it will hold up landing on the beach in the surf amoung clam shells, stay tuned.
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