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Art vs fishcatching

I'm confused. I read up extensively on salmon and steelhead patterns only to find that GL flies seem to amount to Estaz wrapped around a hook, glo bugs, wooly buggers, and occasional stonefly nymphs. Is there a dichodemy between the flies used to catch steelhead and salmon and the carefully tied patterns shown in the mags and at shows.
In other words, has the salmon and spey fly tying gone to a point past tying flies to actually catch fish?? Are the 'fancy' pattens the flies of choice somewhere, just perhaps not in the great lakes? Or have these flies evolved to a cul-de-sac similar to the bright wet flies tied some 50 years back? It seems that was an artform (more like craftform) evolving for its' own sake???

If I'm trying to tie up a set of patterns that maximize my chances of actually catching steelhead; should I be looking at spey flies or wooly buggers??

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