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I am totally pleased with the $49 Fisherman Eyewear brand gray wrap-around polycorbonate polarized shades sold at Costco, model 90301. They are shatterproof and cut the glare beautifully. At that price I am thinking of buying a back-up pair although these have served me very well and I expect to have them for a long time.

<b>In my opinion, FWIW, is that they are the best price/performance value in polarized polycarbs on the market.</b>

Best way to preserve sunglasses is to put them on the croakies or other 'round the neck loop. Gotta watch leaning on the gunwhale though.

I like gray for all-around use although they are not as good as other colors in low light. Everyone's eyes are different but I couldn't deal with the color distortion of red-tone lenses. I tended not to notice brake lights in front of me when wearing mine so I switched back to gray after a few near misses. I must have been born with only a few red detecting optic sensors to start with, and the amber tones cancel reds out for me.


Price - $49
Style - nicely styled wrap
Sturdy frames

Not so good:

Gray is not ideal for low light
Polycarb must be wiped with cloth only to avoid scratching

Your results may vary!

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