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Tides were the first thing I checked, but the dates were not changeable anyway. Thanks for the tip though.

I never leave home without handheld GPS, I would think WAAS level reception is good there and although the map features will be useless it will at least provide cookie-crumbs back to the car.

I realize there are mud flats around, but how is the bight? I thought maybe the fact that there is a thru-current would keep it cleaner and harder.

I have found lodging on the water on another island that is ridiculously cheap (a bed in a cabana-style hostel). Combined with a rental car or scooter or bike I think I could make a good time of it there - but would prefer Andros.

On the other hand Grand Bahamas has lots of amenities and good fishing. It lacks the crazy factor of the smaller out-islands though. If I had my druthers I'd find an island kayak / camp excursion focused on bonefishing, but all the one's I've found are too damn preoccupied with rowing around
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