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We flew western air to Conga Town from Nassau. You would not want to show up there without making you arrangments ahead of time. There are very few amenitites on South Andros for the casual traveler. We fished the ocean side flat just in front of the lodge the first day and then the Manager Hal drove us to a hot spot and picked us back up on our last day.

We fished hard flats but you have to be very careful. I got stuck pretty good our last day wandering away from the sand flat through the turtle grass.

A Kayak would help you go up the creeks and to get out to the sand bars. Also youo would be able to keep the wind and sun at your back ore easily. It is a maze around the bights and you would not want to get lost in there. I do not think there is regular service across the bights. You could probably throw a local some bucks to take you across.

Plan the tides carefully for your trip. You want to go with with lows during the day so you can see the fish on the flats. They also feed best in the morning by far for us.
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