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6-weight stripers

there is a smallish (2 acre) tidal pond near urban stamford that recieves a massive influx of peanut bunker during august...on top of tide stripers move in to feed and blitz conditions are a nightly the flies used are less than 4 inches and due to the protected nature of this locale (only a strong straight on south wind blows it out) I often fish for these bass with a 10' six to 7 pounds or so are great fun....when the larger class of schoolies (8# plus) are around I make sure to fish a 25Lb leader (6-8 feet straight mono) so as I can put the wood to these fish and play them for a short amount of time....
summary:-6 weights can be great fun for stripers (avoid the albies period and blues over 5 lbs as you will kill them) as long as the wind is not an issue, the size of the fish is in the schoolie class and the needed fly patterns are on the small/lightweight side-(20 inch flatwings can be thrown on an uplined 4 weight if you really wanted to)

Good luck and go buy a cheap 9 or ten weight for the Li sound as wind is almost always an issue and sometimes you want to throw a heavy sinking line and grocery style flies to boot......or........get obsessed with using a two hander......

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