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If you're planning on fishing for searun cutthroats, an 8.5' 6-wt. would work, however for stripers, large blues, albies, and anything else over a few pounds, four words: I wouldn't try it. A large fish could easily spool you, the extended time fighting the fish (vs. using a proper "heavy" rod) will cause fatigue that may prove fatal (to the fish, not you), and the range of fly sizes you can toss effectively is quite small. I've fished for snapper blues and schoolie stripers in protected estuaries with my 9' 6-wt. and done quite well with poppers, surf candies, and other patterns on size 1 and 2 hooks, but I draw the line with my 6-wt. there. Anything larger (in terms of the size of the fish targeted) and I go to an 8-wt. at the very least, and for the LI sound I wouldn't head out with anything smaller than a 9, preferably a 10-wt.
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