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Back from South Andros

I got back from South Andros Friday. We stayed at Bairís Lodge and it was absolutely first class all the way. Best food and guides on the island. (that came from a guide who works at another lodge) We fished the flat outside the lodge on our own the first day. Our first fish was the largest of the entire trip. We had no scales or camera but compared to ones we did weigh it was between 7-8 pounds. We followed the tide out to a barrier sand bar and found the mother lode of fish. I landed about 20 and Chris caught around 15. These fish were small 1.5 to 3 pounds with some larger fish thrown in. You could see the large fish but it was tough to keep the small ones off the hook. I also caught a cuda and hooked a 4 foot shark that broke off my wire after about 30 seconds. We had a guide the next four days. We headed to the south end of South Andros the first two days. This place is very remote. We had schools of 3-4 pounders to ourselves for both days. However the fishing was not easy. It was pretty windy and I got a serious case of bonefish fever the second day when wave after wave of fish came into the shallows. I lost the ability to cast first and then could not even see the fish. After a brief scolding and casting lesson from the guide things got back on track. The next two days we fished Deep Creek which is only a 10minute ride from the lodge. The fishing was mostly singles or pairs of bigger fish with a few small schools thrown in. We really started to click with the guide and it was an experience Iíll cherish forever. We had several doubles and shots at some 10 pounders. We fished on our own the last day in some tough conditions and although we did not catch many it was very rewarding to find the fish, see the fish and hook up without a guide. As far as flies go you only need a tan Clouser for South Andros. It was a great trip that I hope to repeat soon.
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