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Thumbs up Old Florida reels are great!!

I guess that you came accros my posts if you were looking for an old Florida reel feedback over the net.
I only own Old Florida reels for 2 years now and got rid of my other high ends reels such as Tibor Pate and Islander LXs.
Old Florida is a fast growing company and about 3 years ago, nearly nobody knew them.
They make high end reels at a very affordable cost that are 100% made in the US (coming from a French guy, you might enjoy this) :hehe: . They use lazer cut cork drag with the draw bar design. A system that works for years and that is really reliable. They are made with a CNC with tolerance as high as 0.001" and use bar stock destressed aluminum T-6061 (aircraft grade). They use type III anodizing in black, silver, champagne, red and blue and sometimes (on their new line of reels) a double type III anodizing.

Their reels are very similat to an Abel, but they are lighter and have a larger diameter for the large arbour ones. So the retrieve is faster. They aslo use the very convenient system: one frame fits three spools of different diameters. E.g. a number 6 frame will fit a #6 spool (for a 12 wt), a #66 large arbour spool (for a 10) and a 6SA spool for a 9wt line.

I use their reels for five years now. Had only one bad bearings on the drag plate that failed... but this did not prevent me of catching bones in the Keys. The bearings rust because I do some deep water wading and fish from my kayak. I do not have any corrosion on the reels I have (5SA, 6SA, 7SA, 8SA) and they see the salt every week ends in the Keys and more.

Recently, I purshased the NAutilus that fits me well as it has a sealed drag. So I can submerge it and service it rarely.
It has an unbelievable strong, yet silky smooth drag. The reason is that the piece of drag floats in a drag cylinder, used aslo as the spindle of the reel (now, this is smart), so the clutch mechanism is improved. There is no ingoing click when you reel in so you really enjoy that fight fight, yet, there is a slight sonor outgoing click that let you love the screaming of the reel when a fish takes off. Add to that, that this is one of the lighest reel on the market and also the one that has the largest backing capacity for its class range. Spools are easy to change. Moreover, it is really nice looking! You are gonna love Old Florida reels.

I hope this helps.
Serge in Miami
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