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As you know I have been on an information binge on the Bahamas in preparation of a new phase of my angling life, the Margarita years :hehe:

It has to do with the bitterness of winter where I now live, the lack of fishing for 6 months of the year, and a building increase in my flats fishing acumen from striper guiding on the northern saltwater flats.

I have enjoyed a spattering of exposure here and there to tropical flyfishing over the years, 6 times to bonefish country, and finally it has reached a saturation point in my blood that is starting to permeate my brain whenever there is no outlet to striper country available, right up there with sorties' to steelhead country in the pacific northwest.

Anyway... Grand is known to be convenient with major airport (Freeport) and facilities (resorts, restaurants, car rentals, roads, etc) yet still endowed with a rich flats environment with great fishing.

For a current report I would suggest calling tightlines flyfishing, our sponsor, who has recent info on fishing Grand Bahama. Andrew, maybe you could fill us in.

I am considering it as a destination myself but the allure of Andros, or remote Acklins, or Abaco, or dozens of other places to plunk my winter-white ass for a few days of bonefish nirvana because Grand has everything you need in one island.

Even though I would love to play Robinson Carusoe on an uninhabited island (of which there are many) Grand offers secluded escapes to flats while being conveninently near all the amenities.

One thing I am concerned with is the wadability of the flats as I will be DIY. Some flats are difficult to wade on one's own because of access and softness (mud). Where some Cays are known to be of good bottom composition for endless wading (hard sand) other areas are very soft and unfit for good exploration by foot.

My biggest question mark for Grand is whether I will be able to find quality flats for DIY angling, the rest seems fine.

Of course island hopping planes can be found for as little as $50 one way if you search hard enough, so if this is the case a small additional investment could take me to a better DIY island.

Who knows, but it will be fun to find out. In any case please contribute to the general knowledge when you find out.
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