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RE:A question for Captain Ray

Received the Sage 3500D reel today. Some very nice features that other reels don't have.

Ventilated end cap reduces weight. Extremely light weight. Sealed system of both ball bearings and drag to keep the dirt away from function parts.

Other great features:

Preset drag stops. They are numbered to return easily to drag settings. Large ergonomically knob easy to grab with gloves or cold hands.

Changing spools is awesome. Most reel that don't need tools just snap together. You wonder during a run if the spool will disengage. With these reels, they have a lock nut that you tighten by hand without tools and it stays on the reel. Impossible to ever lose a part. That great news especially when changing spools while wading or on the beach.

The spools are nice and clean too. Since you have a sealed system there is no external grease. Can handle these spools with white glove or put them in your surf back without covering them first.

Next time you see one-check it out.
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