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RE:A question for Captain Ray


I expect an investigation only after I buy a limited production Boston Whaler specifically for fly fishing
After getting a salt rod in the beginning, I got tired of thinking about better equipment. I made the decision that this was going to be a life long passion, so I convinced myself to go with the best and stop upgrading.
I was thinking of the Abel, but the silent out-haul and click in-haul bugs me. Other than that, it think it is a fine reel.
I was initially going to get the Everglades, but I started looking at these sealed drag jobbers that would cut down considerably the amount of clean-up time afterwards. Like dealing with my hair, I would like to just wash and rinse without all of the fluff that my wife does. That's why the Loop was on my short list. I knew about the Sage, but didn't really consider it until I read that you purchased the reel. I looked at the ULA 3.5 at Quaker Lane and didn't like how the spool is removed. You have to pull it out, then slide it by the frame's spool guide bar. Knowing me, I'll put just a little too much force when initially removing the spool and catch the spool on the guide bar and bend the spool.
I already have the M4 and if it wern't for customer service that fell short of my expectations, I wouldn't hesitate to keep it as my primary reel. I guess another alternative is to keep the M4 as the primary and have the SCI ANGLER 7/8 as my back-up. Who knows, I have this big problem of money from selling other rods just burning a hole in my pocket. Maybe I should be smart and save it to help buy stuff like gas, milk, and ground beef over in Hawaii.
BTW, my orders have been changed. I leave for the Virginian Peninsula at the end of April until the middle of June, which I get to come back for a week to pack up our stuff, then head off to the ship in the latter part of June. It all shifted, but still keeps me out of New England waters for the season.
Thanks for the reply and the info Ray.
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