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RE:A question for Captain Ray

Mitch -

Loomis rods and Tibor reels!.....You have a small arsenal of sophisticated weapons at your disposal. Sounds like doomsday for any striper that crosses your wake. How do you like the GLX series rods and Riptide reel so far?
Isn't there any governmental watchdogs that monitor military pay raises? Sounds like your making way too much money to afford all that high end gear.

The 3400D and the 3500D were introduced this year in the 2001 Sage catalog. This is there first venture into larger steelhead/salmon, saltwater reels. Just happen to see them and liked what I saw. An order was placed for one reel. Seen them for the first time at Wilmington and thought they were pretty nifty. I'm a fishing junkie and have many reels.

Cast a Fly Charters offer clients a chance to use many of the top products in the industry before they buy. What better way is there to make a knowledgeable choice. We all have tons of gear at home in retirement.

Usually I go through a set process whenever a need a new item. If you ask a Rep, you will find that they are all bias. Sometimes, they will loan us an item to field test. Other times we simply go to a place like Quaker Lane in North Kingston and demo their stuff. There is a salesperson named Ed B., who's a retired machinist. I swear, he takes every new reel apart piece by piece. Analyses the whole assembly. Even makes his own changes if he buys it.
I was shocked one day when Eddie took apart his brand new Renzetti Master Vise and made changes to it. Called the manufacture about the tolerances and machining. You know he was right. That's the kind of people Mitch, you want to help you choose your gear. Asking on the web like you have helps. If it's a new item though, you might not get user advise.

Buying the Sage Reel was a lark and a deviation from my standard practice. Will let you know by the end of the summer how it worked out.

See that you're interest in the new Loops but don't like the guarantee. What about Abel's or another Tibor (Everglade?)
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