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I was there maybe 5 years ago and did well in the interior flats around Windemere. We stayed in a rented house farther south and when walking the rocky beach I saw a cuda about 4 feet long - so that afternoon I went to a store and found some wire line. I had a big streamer so went back the next morning and sure enough he was slowing finning around about 20 feet off shore. I put a cast out and gave a strip and he lazily swam over and took it - he just finned around a bit and then he just accelerated the hell out of there!!! I was watching my backing melt - he must have had over 200 yards out when the leader/wire leader connection broke - one of the most memorable experiences I have had!!

Have fun - great place! I would sure love to be able to bring a shot gun over ther and do some dove hunting!!
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