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RE:HOT new reels!

I own the Bauer M4 and although it is a great reel, I'm not too satisfied with their customer service. With that in mind, I didn't even look at the MX series at the show. From what I can tell, they had enough complaints of people getting their knuckles knocked while trying to adjust the M series drag star while the fish was running (this is why I'm a big fan of exposed rim reels because I tend to leave the drag at about 4-lbs and adjust with palm pressure).
This is why I'm looking at a new reel, and looking hard at the Loop.
I noticed the absence of Piranah and Old Florida reels that seemed pretty big last year. Come to think of it, this year's show at the Shriner's auditorium was pretty bare compared to last year. I did most of my browsing while Lefty amazed the masses. I think it would be funny to take an aerial shot inside the auditorium during his presentation, then another one 30 minutes after and compare the density of the aisles.
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