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Hackle Wings

I experienced the same problem with the strung hackles.

I tie 99% of my spey flies with hackle wings, because I like the way they stabilize the fly when under the swing. While attending the Roundtable Tying sessions at River Run Angler in Carnation, I discovered that Jack Cook's spey hackles also work exceptionally well for hackle wings. In using his hackles, you only need 2 tips instead of 4-6 when using the strung hackles. The best tip I got about tying with hackle wings is to make sure you spend the time stoking the hackle fibers in order to marry them together before tying them on the fly.

If you want to try it out before you buy, the roundtables are the third Thursday of each month. If you can't make it Jack can be contacted at

My two cents.

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