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2nd sean's assessment...

started with strung hackle as well, had to do a lot of high grading to find the right shape and durability in the hackle stem. had an old Cabela's "b" grade neck, in black, had the best quality, with natural left and right curves to make great pairs... from here on out, necks as i can aquire. Shewey recommends steelhead saddles for larger flies (3/0's and up), and the purple saddle i have, i'd concur with that as well, as smaller sizes that are the right size for the hook are tougher to come by in the saddles....

also, you might query some of my submissions and the discussions related to the glasso wing style, if you're relatively new to these types of wings. flytyer and others provided me some valuable input on tricks and technique that helped me a lot.... you can see the improvement in the string of flies i've posted over the past few months....
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