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A couple of years scares me. However, I've selected the plans-- a U-Bild pattern that I will expand by 20 percent-- a no-no on the bateau site where they recommend only a 10 percent change.

I do know similar boats have been built, and I've got the scantlings from those and those on the bateau site as well. I figure that if I use 1/4-inch ply and then glass the bottom with biaxial glass similar to what is recommended for the GF 12, I'll be all right, or nearly so.

In one respect I'm lucky-- I live in Port Townsend, Washington, where there is a lot of boat-building activity. Boat lumber is just a short drive away, and I can pick up marine ply in sheets to 16 feet long.

I'm thinking I'll start this weekend...

My eventual target is to build the Pilothouse 21, but that looks to be a scary project. So I'll proceed in steps. I'm either building a garvey after this (if I don't burn out on the pram) or perhaps the OD-16.

We'll see.

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