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RE:HOT new reels!

Back to reels: I saw the new LOOP... I think it was Dylan who mentioned it a while back so I checked it out.

IMHO - it could be the best marriage of form and function on the market. If a reel can be sexy, this is it - but at the same time it's as tough as the aircraft grade bar stock it's formed out of. The drag is different than the traditional Loop, it's a sealed system like most modern sealed drags today.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and personal preferences apply - but when held side by side with almost any other reel, the new Loop's aesthetics outshine any modern large arbor reels I've seen while still giving a sense of brute strength. Sure it's pricey, but so are skis for skiers and stereos for audio enthusiasts. I'll bet the reel outlasts all those toys as well.

The only issue I would have is the spool exchange. Like many of the world's best reels, the exchange involves loose parts. That's not an issue in most cases - like fishing a tropical flat or spending a fall day greaselining or steelhead... but I find myself needing two basic spools for New England striper fishing that get swapped in the field - a fast sinking line for rip currents and deep holes + a stealthy intermediate for northern flats work. I also need two spools for 3 of 4 seasons of northwest steelhead - a full floating long belly or Spey DTF and a multi-tip system to fish sinktips.

But for this reel... I just might chance the loose arbor screw-cap!
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