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HOT new reels!

Man, is that Ross Canyon #5 ever a gorgeous reel. It sits perfectly on a 9wt SWFF set up, plenty of everything you need too (backing, drag, corrosion resistance, STYLE, etc). #6 is a killer Spey reel and would be a good choice for two-handed overhand rods catching on in the surf flyfishing scene. Due to the lightweight I don't think it's too much for single-handed use (although the #5 is the better match).

The new Sage reels are HOT... if you haven't seen them yet definitely check them out. Sealed drag, large arbor, convenient single turn spool removal and aesthetically top shelf. I was anxious to have a peek at them and they far exceeded expectations. The 3500 will be a reel to watch this year.

Also checked out a Waterworks FORCE FS series Spey reel... nothing but hardcore reel there! It's definitely not the same animal as the finesse reels in trout sizes. Patented sealed conical drag is silky smooth and tough enough to stop a train, ultra-large arbor, easy spool exchange and the two-tone satin titanium look spool on a black frame that is a full circumference on the body side unlike the trout models which are small open framed. All business, and definitely up to the task for saltwater big game as well as Spey applications.

Jim Murphy continues to deliver great quality at incredible value, the new Redington reels are hard to beat for price / performance. He had a broad assortment of new machined reels at great prices from tiny trout reels to large arbor 12/13 weights. The Nano series rods are awesome, had a chance to cast one and the loop just seems to form itself coming off that blank.

I did not have a chance to check out the Lamson Velocity, that's on tomorrows checklist. I got about 3 hours at the show today, most of it chattin' with folks so I only ended up buying one item... the inserts for stripping baskets that you can lay out the way you like and screw in with nylon screws. I plan to spill a little more cash tomorrow (shhh! wife's listening )
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