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RE:Fanny Pack Alternative


I apologize for knocking you out of your chair with my post title.

This is not unlike the time that a gentleman, employed by Guinness, came over from Northern Ireland to work with me for a week. While visiting my first customer on our very first day of working together he managed to demonstrate the extremely different meanings common words can have from culture to culture.

In the midst of a very friendly conversation he was attempting to explain that he had traveled to the States to study the Boston market and to have some fun along the way. Now, the problem came in the translation of the word fun. The Irish Gaelic equivalent of "fun" is "craic," pronounced CRACK. His exact words, " I came to Boston for a Guinness/Bass Import Company market survey, and to find some good craic!" You want to talk about a completely blank stare on someone's face, my non-Irish customer was completely dumbfounded and it was only 9:00 in the morning.

This also reminds me of the "Rumble in the Jungle" in Zaire between George Forman and Ali. Foreman made the mistake of traveling to Zaire with his German Shepherds, a symbol of oppression to the Africans. German Shepherds were the dog of choice with the white police officials that enforced the atrocities of apartheid. Result, Ali won the nation over with his "man of the people" demeanor, and Foreman was universally hated because of his dogs and his standoffish nature.

Thanks for letting me know not to use the F word while visiting the birthplace of golf.
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