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RE:Fanny Pack Alternative

Willie -

I would be curious to learn what it 'translates' to, here it's a politically correct way to refer to the buttocks, and a fanny pack is the type that straps horizontally around the waist with the compartment over the small of the back or the upper buttocks.

I recall two amusing "English" exchanges where I walked into an executive area in the Coventry UK headquarters and said "so this is where the heavyweights hang out?". In the states, a heavyweight is the highest championship ranking, used to denote power - not body weight. Over there I understand it's a derrogatory word for overweight! D'oh!

The second was ironically one of these same top Coventry managers while visiting the states... he was invited to dinner by one of the execs and when the execs wife served dinner he called her "homely". That's a compliment in England but over here it means quite the opposite. I was relieved to hear that it goes both ways!

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