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Patagonia SST+'s for $260

Here's a site selling Patagonia SST+ waders for $260. This seems like a good opportunity to get a high end breathable wader for a better than usual price.

Here's the link: 2C60919%2C60963%2C60964%2C62997%2C63103%2C63106%2C 63108%2C63112%2C63113%2C63117%2C63228%2C63229%2C63 230%2C63247%2C63250%2C63280%2C63281%2C63282%2C6328 3%2C&header%5Ftitle=Keyword+Search&page%5Fname=sea rch%2Fkeyword%5Fresults%2Easp&search%5Ftype=wader& size1=&size2=&gender=0&ShowImages=yes&sq=0&cont=1& intPgNo=1&mscssid=B1FBUNKUN4S92GCP00J74TCGDKPB0P7F
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