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RE:Hodgman Stretchlite

Hi Cousin
Thanks for the kind thoughts,at the backend I just bought a pair from Urban Angler, cheaper than Sportsfish but when I need anything else. I'll be in touch.

I'm fishing on Tulcan on the Spey on Saturday Neoprenes will be the order of the day the lack of waders are certainly not an option. I must quote from William Scrope from "Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing" 1843. He gives this advice on wading without waders "Avoid standing on rocking stones, for obvious reasons; and never go into water deeper than the fifth button on your waistcoat; even this does not always agree with tender constitutions in frosty weather. As you are are likely not to take a just estimate of the cold in the excitement of the sport, should you be of a delicate temperment, and be wading in the month of February, when it may freeze very hard, pull down your stockings and examine your legs. Should they be black, or even purple, it might perhaps, be as well to get on dry land; but if they are only rubicund you may continue to enjoy the water."

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