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Dinner with "The Redhead" on Friday evening.

I'm assuming everyone will be at our home on Saturday evening for dinner. BUT would like to do/get a head count for Friday evening. Please E MAIL ME at

(IN THE AREA OF FOOD!!! if you have a preference (vegetarian, can't eat sea food, etc., PLEASE LET ME KNOW. It's darned easy to plan around your requirements if I know them ahead of time!!!)

Dinner on Friday will be BBQ Chicken, Green Salad, Carmalized Onions, and Baked potatoes. (I'm sure there will be plenty of single malt and red/white wine to help wash it down. )

Saturday's dinner (as presently planned) is a huge seafood pasta, toasted garlic bread, green salad, and etc.

DIRECTIONS to Fred/Joan's home in Ashland.

I-5 south/north as appropriate. OFF AT EXIT 14 (South Ashland Exit). If you're coming NORTH at the end of the off ramp turn LEFT and cross over the freeway; COMING SOUTH turn RIGHT and (either way) straight ahead up Ashland Ave to THE STOP LIGHT.

(For you staying at the Super 8 it's about 1/2 block on the left before you hit the light.

At the light, TURN LEFT UP TOLMAN CREEK ROAD about 50 yards (you're passing a BiMart and Goodwill store on your right) until you JUST cross the railway tracts. Immediately on your RIGHT is Takalma Way; TURN RIGHT and straight ahead 50 yards to where CLAY CREEK WAY forks off to your RIGHT. Our home is about half way down the block across from the park (new home under construction next door)

Fred/Joan Evans
2713 Clay Creek Way
Ashland, OR 97520
(541) 482 6386 - home
(541) 944 0404 - home cell phone
(541) 261-1475 - bank cell phone

For those of you fishing before after the Charity Clinic we expect you to join us for dinner. Which means (back to the e mail) let us know how many days you expect to pound the Rogue.

Weathers looking pretty darned good to boot; won't be 75 (as is today) but very comfortable.

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