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Charity Spey Clinic Folks! THE FISH ARE IN!!

Called up the toll free number to day to check river flow/fish count. The counter is due north of Medford at Gold Rae dam.

In one week the winter steelhead count went from 1000 fish to a little (Feb 29th) over 6,000! Bulk of the fish still appear to be holding below Tou Velle Park (we're at the upper Park on Saturday, and across river/up stream on Sunday morning.

FOR THE SATURDAY SESSION AT THE PARK REMEMBER THERE IS A $3.00 PARKING FEE. Not 'tickiee, you get tickee ... $75.00!! Bring some ones with you. We're on a public beach (not a park) on Sunday so there's no parking fee.

Directions to Tou Velle Park:

Off Exit 30 in north Medford onto 62 (Crater Lake Highway) approx. 4.5 miles to where Adobe Road heads off to the left. (If you miss it turn left at either of the next two left turns (Big R or Antelope Road--if you do Antelope Road, obviously you'd go straight ahead through the blinker light in the next paragraph) and head over..

Up Adobe about 1/2 mile to the 'blinker light at ANTELOPE ROAD;' LEFT at the blinker about another 1/2 mile to TABLE TOP ROAD.

RIGHT ON TABLE TOP approx 1/3-1/2 mile (JUST PAST THE TRANSFER STATION) to Tou Velle Park entrance on your right. DO NOT CROSS THE RIVER!!. Head up about three major parking areas to the top end of 'the island.'

I'm suggesting we start class at 9:30am on Saturday as this will give every one time to have breakfast at the Wild Goose/etc and get up to the park at a 'civilized' time of the morning, geared up and good to go. For you early birds who want to hit the river, sun up is about 6am.

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