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Hudson Ice Breaker 3/7

Well, not quite. No sign of ice in Croton bay but quite a bit on the lakes on the drive down - not as much as this time last year. Air temp was in the high 40s and water temps a shade above 40 at Croton yesterday. Jim Wesley, Steve Liesman and I paddled up the Croton river for some exploratory paddling. I had the rod rigged but never made a cast - I was actually enjoying the scenery too much

Jim and Steve both wet their lines and also continued exploring out into Croton Bay. I'm not sure how they fared since I retired early with an over-tight dry-suit neck seal which was doing a number on my carotids after a couple of hours. I guess 24hrs stretching on the paint kettle wasn't enough!

Back at the ramp a guy in a tin boat reported a few fish just before dead low the previous day - one a respectable 33 inches. Also sporadic reports of twinks coming in from various locations.

It was nice to get out onto the water!
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