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Hey Juro,

I hope you didn't misunderstand my post. I'm all for it...I love an adventure. But what I do want is the most bang for my buck. I don't know how well the crew would do with one vehicle for 6 guys though. I would think two would be needed at a minimum so the group could split up...3 even better. Don't forget, even on a big flat...two can be a crowd...6 guys would be an invasion!!! Car rental on any of the Bahamian out-islands runs at least $60.00 or $70.00 per day. Add to that the cost of fuel (might as well be Jack Daniels considering the price).

What's with the "throw away cooler?"...a fantastic idea we came up with is to use a large "soft-sided" cooler initially as a carry-on bag...dump the contents at your accomodations and fill'er with beer and munchies. Kills two bones with one cast!.

An "overnight" in Nassau isn't so bad. Would give the group a chance to get aquainted and organized. Most early "Out-Island" flights depart at 7:00am so you'd be "On-Island" by 8:00...unpacked and rigged by 8:01...he he! and into your first DIY bone by Tuesday...he he he! "Sick humour!".

I'm keeping my eye on this thread for sure because I have at least one week of vacation time that's "uncommitted" for just such an outing (originally thinking Yucatan someplace).

A place "on the water" with access to a skiff would be ideal. We could take turns being "water-taxi-driver" dropping off and picking up duo's to different flats. "Hartswell Cottages" on Exuma would fit the bill for this...damn the local guides!...there's six of us right?

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