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Hey Juro,

Yeah, it'll be neat to fish a little further into Savannah sound. We've got a few backwater areas in our hip pocket that are inaccessable by foot too...they should prove interesting. We'll be paddling in with a days worth of provisions, probably too many rods, and a soft sided cooler with a lunch and a few beers to toast our victories.

You know, and industrious couple guys would rent two crappy sit-on-top kayaks and pick up a 4x8 sheet of plywood at a local building center to strap on top creating a small pontoon boat for two. One guy poles while the other takes shots. That was my "plan B" if the kayak thing didn't come together.

I will definitely be taking loads of pics. Picked up my new Fuji Digital a couple weeks ago and is it ever sweet. I can even use it to shoot 640x480 VGA video with sound. I'm going down with about 2 gigs of compact flash memory so storage space won't be an issue. I'm going to use the Windows XP Movie Maker software to create a video/still production of our trip as memento's for my bud and I.

Good fishing,

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