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Re: Interesting idea,

Henry -

I appreciate your comments and it's certainly a criteria BUT...

as far as wind knots we're not that kind of group. We'd be in it as a team of explorers. The way I see it, a week on Acklins or Exuma or Andros or any other reasonable Bahamian Island is as good as WE make it, except for weather which only the big guy upstairs controls. So I'll try to live clean and be good to my loved ones to earn extra bluebird days on the flats when I sneak away

It's not an outfitting operation, it's a collaborative exploration. We don't need guides, but we might decide to hire them. Or we might not. We will strategize at night and fish our brains out by day. We will learn from each other and from our own mistakes and victories. It's a fishing trip, that's all. Not to sound over-confident but if you put me on a flats-rich Bahamian island and I can't dig out a healthy number of bonefish in a week just shoot me! I just dug a couple out of an ocean-facing marl patch on Aruba and that was hard. A week of flats fishing in the Bahamas hard? I think not.

But if you want first-hand accounts, you might want to join in on the second or third or....

Originally posted by Henry
But you'd better be sure of the location otherwise you may have 5 very unhappy anglers tying windknots in your leaders.

I like that sort of adventure but what keeps me back is the uncertainty of the location. I'd want first hand accounts of someone reliable/believeable before making the investment.

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