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Ready for Eleuthera...(round 2)

Hi gang,

Well, a week and a half to go and my fishing partner and I are off to Eleuthera for 2 1/2 weeks of fishing, sun, Kaliks and the island life. We've boned up (pun intended) on numerous spots that we didn't fish last time and I'm bringing enough flies of just about every size/shape and colour that I've more than likely enough to chum a few. This time I'm also bringing an extra medium wt spinning rod loaded with 12lb line and a tube lure for Cuda's. Saw enough of the toothy critters last time but never got hooked up...they laughed at my size 6 Charlie.

We're really hoping that having the Sea Eagle Kayak along will make a difference in accessing a few remote creeks and backwaters. Perhaps the bones will be larger and less harrassed. It'll be nice to walk a big flat towing the kayak loaded with a few extra rods so we can do a quick switch-up if a big cuda shows up. I'll toss a big fly at it first and if it doesn't eat...I'll have no qualms to show it the tube.

I can't wait to flip the bird at the guard on the causway to Windemere Island in Savannah Sound...second thought...I'll just smile and wave in case he wants to take his sweet revenge on us as we pass under the bridge.

Yum!...I can almost taste those conch fritters now.

Anyone have some last minute thoughts on places to fish or things to do while we're down?

Tight loops folks,

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