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The next boat

Here's my project, but it's not as impressive as an OD 16: I'm building (or starting the process) a 10-foot pram. I haven't quite decided on the design as of the moment, but I'm ordering fiberglass, epoxy and such from tomorrow.

I'm looking at this as an entry-level boat that will also give me a lowland-lake boat that I want. I really miss rowing along, mooching a fly or casting to rises. This boat will be a reincarnation of my first boat, an 8-foot pram, but obviously bigger, safer and more comfortable.

After that-- I'm hoping to move up to a garvey-style, but I'm not 100 percent on that design, either. But since it will also perform as a duckboat, I have a timeframe in which to build... our season starts in October.

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