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RE:Lampson reels

Al, I have a number of Abel reels, two of which are a 3N Ported and 3 regular.. I use the ported on a an 8 wt and the 3 on a seven wt.. Caught two 35 inch plus stripers on the 3N with a rio deep sinking line with 150 yards of 30 pound backing ,I think..It could be 200 yards.. Plenty of reel for NE conditions and big stripers. By the way, I have been told that Abel is changing the Porting on their ported reels and that's why you are seeing so many on sale... If your thinking of an Abel ,nows the time to pick one up at those sale prices.. The new porting will probably have no effect on the performance and will be mostly for looks... A rumor is that the new porting will be similar to the Super series... But I don't know yet, the Abel web site has not disclosed it yet under new products but it is suppose to come out in 2001.
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