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Went down to Miami and PAID for her, after which the wife and I needed to catch our breath. So, out into Biscayne Bay we go, just the two of us..., and the wife, (she would KILL me if she read that!). Seriously, the boat handled real smooth, we went out by the stilt houses and then back up to the Port of Miami. About a 3 hr. cruise. Beth, my better half, was every bit as excited as I was. She enjoyed both driving as well as sunning on the fore deck. A great weekend, the marina has a great bar/restaurant and being spring break time and happy hour, I've been told NOT to expect to get any solo trips down due to the overwhelming qty. of young, attractive, highly intoxicated college girls in the area!
Docking was easier than I expected, My wife and I agreed, prior to shoving off, that we would do everything in our power to not be yelling and screaming at each other while trying to get back into the slip. Her comment was, "Gee, allmost like you knew what you were doing". I must admit, I was a little proud of myself, I'm sure that will wear off!:hehe:
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