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Originally posted by flyfisha1
Hey Guys,
Thanks for the feedback. I was planning on using the Nymph Skin as abdomen, wrapped around the shank. The material is apparently made of latex and picks up color from markers quite well. I think that either the Flexi-Skin or the Nymph Skin can be used for this purpose, just have to find an alternative material that's offered in clear and olive.
The adjesive tape is used as an alternative to winding lead around the shank, which enables a slimmer body profile if desired.
I can order the actual stuff, but just wondered if there was something just as good or better that's easily found.
Hi Chris,

Just read your post. There is a clear ribbing (plastic) that is used in bonefish fly patterns. It comes in various colors typically light pink or green but it also comes in clear. As I remember there are three thicknesses available. The thin one would most certainly work on freshwater flies. Sorry I don't have the brand name in front of me but I can get you that information.

In my limited experience tying bonefish flies I really liked the way an underlying material colors came through on the clear body rib. Far superior than coloring with a marker. You can shoot me a PM and I'll look up the information for you. Also give John (Striblue) a ping as he's probably tied every bonefish pattern on the planet and then some more. He'll know what it is too.

Good luck & tight lines.
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