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Well, not the best example of my RR tie.

This fly (haven't had the chance to use it as a 'WB') is (under it all) a black shrimp/stone "base fly" I use on the Rogue. As the 'base fly' you can alter it several different ways; most of which have been fairly successful at hooking fish.

The basic fly:

The body is black chen. (you can under-wire the body for extra weight)

The legs (three sets) are either 'verigated clear/black rubber or the verigated peacock green/black (the peacock green legs make for a very striking fly).

One set comes out with the tail (red, orange or black); the second set at the bar-bell/chain bead eye (the error in the fly above) should be tied in no more than 1/4 up from the hook point. The final set of 'legs' about 1/3 back from the hook eye.

Now this was a Woolly Bugger tie so I just palmered over a fine feather (dark brown) to complete the tie.

Variations on the above are to just leave it as a shrimp pattern (really works well summer or winter), skip the palmer and tie in a 'Willie Gunn' red/orange/black hair-wing or what ever strikes your fancy. (The one with the WG colours I call the '30-06').

One other variation I'm looking at would be to add dyied gennie hen in red, black or blue over each of the leg connections. This would give it a General Prac. look, but (for me anyway) far easier to tie.

Anyway, a 'million' possible ways to jazz this base fly up. Red body, orange, etc., and etc., and etc.
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