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RE:Art Burton - did you get the inflatable yak?

Yes Juro, it is true that some of the rivers in CT have see runs, but like everything else pollution has done a number on them. In RI the Pawcatuck has one ocassionally. They also trap Atlantic Salmon at the dam at Potters Hill. It is not legal to fish for them in RI. Wood River the state stocks salmon smolts in the Wood River, but I think the bluefish do a number on them when they go to sea. In Bristol county in Mass. the Palmer River use to have some searun trout in early spring. It also had some great white perch fishing with some as big as 2 pounds. Lots of fun on a fly rod. The American Shad are also available in late April and the month of May, but it is not the fishery it use to be, but it is still there. Perhaps I should have started a new thread, but, Juro I just wanted to answer your question about sea-runs, and I get carried away.
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